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완벽한 로드 트립의 근원지
동영상: 완벽한 로드 트립의 근원지
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사우스다코타(South Dakota) 주를 방문하기에 가장 좋은 계절은 분명 여름이기는 하지만, 늦봄이나 이른 가을에 찾아가면 덜 붐비고 더 쾌적한 날씨에서 농장과 강이 자리한 언덕, 프레리는 물론 산악 지대까지 다양한 지대를 여행할 수 있습니다. 멋진 로드 트립을 즐기고 싶다면 동서를 잇는 90번 주간 고속도로를 타고 가며 자연의 경이로움과 명소를 만끽해보세요.

해마다 3백만 명에 육박하는 사람들이 여행 일정에 러시모어 산 국립 기념지(Mount Rushmore National Memorial)를 추가합니다. 현지인들은 방문객에게 이 기념지가 가장 멋진 순간은 바로 해가 뜰 때라고 말합니다. 러시모어 산(Mount Rushmore)은 동쪽을 향하고 있어 산 측면에 새긴 네 명의 미국 대통령을 사진에 담으려면 자연광이 가장 좋은 이른 아침에 방문해 보세요.

이 외에도 사우스다코타 주에는 배들랜즈 국립공원(Badlands National Park), 윈드 케이브 국립공원(Wind Cave National Park), 주얼 케이브 국립 기념지(Jewel Cave National Monument), 미주리 국립 휴양강(Missouri National Recreational River)과 냉전 시대의 역사를 보존하는 미닛맨 미사일 국립사적지(Minuteman Missile National Historic Site)까지 다섯 개의 국립공원이 더 있습니다.

아메리카 인디언 문화, 서부 시대와 개척자 및 야생동물을 알아보는 멋진 장소도 있으니 방문해보세요. 모든 아메리카 원주민에게 경의를 표하기 위해 산을 깎아 만든 조각으로 많은 사람의 발길이 끊이지 않는 크레이지 호스 기념지(Crazy Horse Memorial)와 들소, 영양, 산양, 큰뿔야생양 등을 흔히 볼 수 있는 커스터 주립공원(Custer State Park)은 어떨까요.

사우스다코타 주의 유쾌한 도시 중 한 곳에 들러 한숨 돌려보세요. 사우스다코타 주 토박이들이 여행자에게 월(Wall) 마을의 월 드러그(Wall Drug)에서 도넛을 꼭 먹어야 한다고 말하는 이유를 알아보세요. 데드우드(Deadwood)에서 개척자들의 발자취를 따라가 보고 래피드시티(Rapid City)의 매장에서 아메리카 원주민들이 만든 상품을 구경한 후 수폴스(Sioux Falls)의 멋진 부티크도 방문해보세요.

완벽한 로드 트립의 근원지
동영상: 완벽한 로드 트립의 근원지
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재미있는 사실

Watching a local rodeo in South Dakota
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The rodeo is South Dakota’s official state sport. Favorite events include the Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo in Mitchell.

Thousands of motorcyclists gathered for South Dakota’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
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South Dakota is home to the largest motorcycle gathering in the world, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which began in 1938 and now attracts more than 500,000 people each year.

Picking the ideal kuchen dessert at the Delmont Kuchen Festival
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Kuchen, which is the German word for cake, is the official state dessert of South Dakota. The coffee cake-like pastry is usually made with sweet dough and a fruit or custard filling.

꼭 가봐야 할 곳

The faces of Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The faces of four U.S. presidents – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln – gaze over the Black Hills in southwestern South Dakota on a mountainside sculpture that took 14 years and $1 million to complete.

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A hike through the Badlands

Badlands National Park

Among the stunning sharp buttes and gradient rocks at the 98,700-hectare Badlands National Park are fossil beds 25 to 35 million years old. Today, plants and wildlife thrive nearby in a mixed-grass prairie.

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Buffalo stopping traffic in Custer State Park

Custer State Park

Stay at a lodge resort, explore mountain ranges, tour a log cabin, fish for trout and take a scenic drive at the 28,733-hectare park, where an abundance of wildlife includes a free-roaming herd of 1,300 bison.

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The Laura Ingalls Wilder homestead under a dramatic sky

Ingalls Homestead

Tour the childhood homestead of “Little House on the Prairie” author Laura Ingalls Wilder and see what inspired her to write a series of books about her family’s adventures and growing up in De Smet.

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A long view of historic Deadwood

Historic Deadwood

History comes alive during tours of the Wild West gold rush mountain town, where Calamity Jane is buried, and where Jack McCall gunned down Wild Bill Hickok in 1876 during a poker game in Saloon No. 10.

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Spearfish Canyon’s jagged streams

Spearfish Canyon

Take a leisurely 35-kilometer drive along Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway, where the elevation changes nearly 610 meters from one end to the other. Stop along the way, maybe at Bridal Veil Falls, for breathtaking views.

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Constructing the Crazy Horse Memorial

Crazy Horse Memorial

Oglala Lakota warrior Crazy Horse astride a steed is being sculpted into the side of a mountain in Custer County as a tribute to American Indians. The state is home to Lakota, Nakota and Dakota Sioux Indians.

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Selfie time at Roughlock Falls

Roughlock Falls

This waterfall located in the Black Hills derives from Spearfish Creek and ultimately cascades down a limestone ledge. This is the perfect spot to hike, fish or picnic as well as to go birding – the rare American Dipper (known for its ability to walk and swim under the water) can be found here.

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Boating on Lewis and Clark Lake

Lewis & Clark Recreation Area

Find out why Lewis and Clark Lake, a reservoir on the Missouri River, is one of the state park system’s most popular resorts. Amenities include campgrounds, cabins, marinas, fishing, skiing, hiking trails and sandy beaches.

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A family touring Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park

As you enter one of the longest underground caves in the world, listen for the whistle of escaping air. Above ground, the 13,700-hectare park teems with plants and animals, such as bison, elk and prairie dogs.

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사우스다코타 주 공식 여행 정보

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